How To Get Credit When You Have No Credit


Generally, it takes credit to make credit. You cannot get a loan or charge card without having some form of credit to prove that you will be trustworthy. This frustrating cycle can be challenging to overcome when you first start building your credit since it may feel like no one is ready to give you a break. Believe it or not, you can find steps you can take to give your credit the beginning it needs.

This guide shows getting credit when you have no credit to get a loan when needed. The first step will be the hardest to take, but once taken, it may be much easier to build your credit.

Understand Your Position

Before you can start building credit, you ought to get an idea as to why lenders shouldn’t work with you. A person’s credit history is a measure of his capacity to pay back loans and charge card balances, similar to how a resume reflects an individual’s work ethics. If you have no credit accounts within your history, a lender needs to be willing to blindly trust you using their money. In the same sense, a company would have to just “give you a shot” should you have had no work history on your resume. Is it possible to still find work? Needless to say. You can also still build credit. You need to simply find people that are willing to embark on a limb to support you.

Get Yourself A Secured Credit Card

A secured bank card is a card that you have to deposit money into upfront. This is simply not a prepaid debit card you could load and unload anytime. This is a card that you purchase and then spend like a charge card. If your initial deposit is $3,000, that’s the amount you can charge. If you utilize $1,500 of it, you will be anticipated to pay back the remaining $1,500 to keep a positive credit history. Every payment made on your own account is reported towards the credit bureau, and you will face exactly the same fees and consequences of nonpayment because of this card as you would having a traditional one. The only difference is how the money comes from the beginning.

If you choose that you no longer want to use your secured bank card, the company will use your original deposit to pay for whatever balance you have left to pay for, and then they will refund most of it back to you. If there are any unpaid fees around the account, that money will be extracted from the deposit as well. If you’ve got nothing outstanding, you will get a full refund of the initial investment. For the most part, this is a risk-free method of getting credit when you have no credit.

Obtain A Secured Loan

An alternative to obtaining a secured credit card is getting a secured loan. This works similarly, but instead of putting down money, you might be putting up some form of collateral. If you’ve got a vehicle that you paid for in cash, you should use the title to that vehicle to acquire a loan. Then you can pay the loan retrace time and build credit on the way. This requires you to pay profit interest, but that is a small investment to start your credit history. You will find that almost any form of payment comes with the have to pay extra money.

Most secured loans are just available for property that has a title of ownership, just like a house or a car. Personal property, just like a television, is easy to take or hide when a creditor needs to collect it. Houses don’t move, and cars are somewhat easy to repossess. That is why the lenders elect to work with those items. You can bring your belongings to a pawn shop to acquire money for them, but most pawn shops don’t report their loans to credit agencies. Thus you’ll be paying lots of money for no reason.

You may also get a secured loan using a certificate of deposit out of your bank. In this case, you open a CD for any certain term and borrow against it for any pre-determined length of time. This could be six months, a couple of years, ten years, etc. Those are terms you’ll work out with the bank. As odd because it sounds, you will actually buy a CD and then get yourself a certain percentage of it out (usually 80%). Then, your family will enjoy payments on that loan ’till the end of the term. You will end up paying some interest to achieve this, but you’ll also build credit as you go along. All you need is the cash up front to create that happen.

Get A Cosigner

When everything else fails, find someone with good credit who’s willing to cosign with you over a loan or credit card. In this example, the bank or creditor will probably be using the other person’s credit to back yours just in case you fail to make payments in your debt. If you get a $5,000 car finance and stop paying halfway through, the financial institution can go after your cosigner for continued payments. That individual will theoretically work to protect their credit, so the bank is rarely at risk.

Most lenders prefer cosigners which can be immediate family members, like a mother or sister. You should use neighbors and friends if you must, however you might have a little more difficulty getting approved together. If you do find someone who will do the job, remember that his or her credit score is at stake. Protect it by making consistent, on-time payments in your account.


Now that you learn how to get credit when you have no credit, you have to figure out which option fits your daily life. Do you have money to put right into a CD loan or secured charge card? Do you have property to put as collateral? Do you have someone prepared to cosign with you for a credit line? Explore your choices carefully and choose the one that is right for you. Then, sustain your commitment so you can build a good credit rating for the future.